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Ugly American Goes To D-Day Tribute on a German Bike!?

Picked up a 2019 BMW S1000 XR from a bike rental place in Madrid on Tuesday morning. (If you think California traffic is bad, you should spend rush-hour in Madrid.)

The difference between LA and Madrid is the streets are all very narrow, so with the same amount of cars it really gets jammed up.

The rental company had got it in March and it had less than 3000 miles on it, so I’m assuming I was the second or third person to ride it. 

The freaking thing is a rocket. It has low-end torque like the four stroke that it is, but about 6000 RPM, the power band kicks in like a two stroke and it takes off like the proverbial raped ape.

The sumbitch red lines at 11,000 RPM!

To say that i’m excited about it is a true understatement.

I’m doing a two day ride across the Pyrenees lengthwise starting tomorrow morning so I will get a full effect of what the thing is like on the twisties. Today’s 350 mile ride was mostly straight highway’s.

-Ugly Feo.

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