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UGLY Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Another UGLY Memorial Day is in the books! Great time with UGLY friends and family! This event never ceases to please the UGLY soul! Virginia City was a spectacular location with a patriotic Memorial Day parade and plenty of UGLY fun! Weekend highlights included Prospect Don Bray getting his well-deserved BONES. Welcome Ugly Don! In addition to getting his bones, UGLY FEO presented him stewardship of the 8'x12' American flag to the Jefferson UGLY Chapter. The UGLY Mother Chapter is certain the the flag is in good, UGLY hands and looks forward to seeing it at all future UGLY events. Another significant event was hang around, John Huffman, receiving his UGLY prospect shirt. Not sure if congratulations or condolences are in order. All in all, it was a great event as usual. Looking forward to next year, as always! Thanks to the UGLY Jefferson Chapter for another great Memorial Day Weekend!

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